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The Barracuda EDC is the first knife in the Protego Line, a collaboration between Wander Tactical Research Group and Safer Faster Defense.

This collaboration is born out of the desire to integrate our areas of expertise… To provide you with the best defensive knives available for your everyday carry.

The Barracuda EDC is specifically designed to be a personal protection tool….

The angle of the blade allows for effortless entry regardless of angle of attack.
The geometry of the point, formed by 4 angled plains, and the thickness of the blade assure deeper penetration and larger wound channels.
The blade thickness helps to withstand any turns & twists where you could hit a belt, a belt buckle, a cell phone, etc.
The false edge on the top can be sharpened for ease of cutting regardless of direction and can be integrated seamlessly by the edge-up crowd.
The grip’s ergonomics assure a solid and safe employment of the knife, with or without gloves, wet or dry.

Not sure about what handle and/or blade finish to choose? Check out this page.


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