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How do I order a knife from Wander Tactical?

Ordering a cutting tool from Wander Tactical is very simple. Just pick your favourite from our catalogue and fill the order form.

  1. Choose your Cutting Tool;
  2. Click “buy now” button or scroll down to the order form;
  3. Provide your personal information and/or shipping address;
  4. Select the cutting tool options:
    #MODEL (preselected for you)

    *If you need more from your cutting tool , just ask, we’re a custom company, so we can make everything that comes  in your mind, Prices may vary depending on your request.
  5. Waiting time is usually 7/8 weeks  after the payment is processed.

What is the order time frame?

Because of the high demand for our products, we are almost always back ordered. Sometimes we have the knife you are looking for ready to ship, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

For Current Availability and Customization of items please contact us at:


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