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Why should I buy a knife from you?

Only you have the right to answer to this fundamental question.

We’re experienced knife users, travellers, outdoorsmen and survivalists. During years we’ve learn what a knife should do for its Master. We are a small Research Team who lives to make high quality knives and share our knowledge helping you to choose the right tool for the right purpose. Our mission is to provide users with high quality cutting tools, that you can trust ever, even in the worst stituation.

All our knives are covered by LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Our customers can always know that WANDER TACTICAL will be there for them. There’s a lot of research behind our projects, we test everything to provide the BEST quality service to Outdoorsmen, Survivalist, Militaries ,Preppers.

WANDER TACTICAL knives are tough, reliable and fully tested. We only use materials withthe Best Quality/Price ratio the market. All of our knives are expertly heat treated cryogenically to 59-61 Rockwell.

We must be ready and sharp!

What do you coat your blades with?

KG Gun Kote is the protective coating for gun experts and enthusiasts worldwide. Initially developed for military and aerospace use. The United States Navy Seal Teams were the first units to use this product. There was a need for a material that would hold up under extreme adverse conditions.

Impact-resistant and solvent-resistant, Gun Kote enables your firearm and metal equipment to perform better, even under the harshest situations.

When Gun Kote is properly applied it will provide:

  • Outstanding corrosion protection. Gun Kote will withstand a minimum of 500-hour salt spray tests at 5% salt, however, tests performed for Armscor by the South African Navel Logistics Dept. showed Gun Kote withstanding an equivalent of a 7-year exposure. (Tests were performed on Aluminum in a salt spray chamber with 50/50 on/off time at 35 degrees C.)
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents common to Automotive and Aircraft Industries.
  • Helps to cool parts by dissipating heat. Gun Kote will withstand temperatures over 500 degrees F and as low as -320 degrees F.

What kind of steel do you use?

D2 steel is an air hardening, high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel.
We’ve tested so many steels and we think D2 has the best Quality/Price Ratio on the market.

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